Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Text Messages 271-300

271. Ang araw gumigising kasabay mo; ang ulap kumakaway sa mga ngiti mo; kahit anong oras mag-beep ang cell ko, ngingiti ako pag galing sa 'yo.

272. Student formula: Konting basa + kopya + kodigo + konting sipsip = PASADO!

273. Jack & Jill went up the hill to have a little fun. But stupid Jill forgot the pill and now they have a son.

274. Lion to mouse: 'I'm getting married soon. What's the best advice you can give me?' Mouse: 'Remember this, I was once a lion before I got married.'

275. Mornings do not mean getting up and working again but it is God's way of saying He loves you so much to let you live another day and be happy! Good morning!

276. We are in a journey. We never know what road shall we take. We might part ways, have different lives and new friends, but please, if you lose your way, just go back to where you meet me. Good morning!

277. God has a purpose in our heartache, the Savior always knows what's best. We learn so many precious lessons in each sorrow, trial and test. Good morning!

278. When a guy loves you, he'll bring out your natural best. When a guy loves you, he'll be proud even at your worst. When a guy loves you, he'll say that you're pretty even at your ugliest. When a guy loves you, he'll never leave you especially at your weakest. When a guy loves you, he'll never get even tired of caressing you. When a guy loves you, he'll come back to you after you reject him. Because no matter how cruel the situation would be, if a guy really loves you, he'll make a way even how hard it could be.

279. Here comes another time for rest, time for dreams. Hope you wake up tomorrow with the spirit more promising than today! Good night!

280. The importance of something is seen when it's done. The worth of someone is realized when they're gone. For it will always be a mystery that we realize the essence when it's already a memory.

281. Toto: Nay, nay! Anong ulam, inay? Nanay: Tingnan mo na lang sa ref, anak. Toto: Eh wala naman tayong refrigerator, inay, di ba? Nanay: Eh di wala tayong ulam!

282. Kapag ang katawan mo'y nag-iinit, lagi na lang ako ang hinahanap hanap mo. Maya't maya mo akong ginagamit at pinapagod. Hindi ka na naawa! - aircon.

283. A friend like you is like a shooting star amongst the million stars in the sky. You let yourself fall from heaven to make me smile.

284. I am only a person who's willing to give you the best of what I can be. But I'm not a perfect person, so I hope you can appreciate the things that I can only give, like being a simple friend I can be.

285. A successful relationship requires falling in love many times with the same person, in different rooms, different bed, different positions. Huh? Ano daw??

286. This message is strictly intended for cute people only.Since you accidentally received it, there must be a technical error for which I deeply apologize.

287. God always repays caring acts. It may not be with money or goods but more often, He repays with health, happiness, friendship and love. Good morning! Take care.

288. Friendship is not about 'kasalanan mo yun.' Dapat, 'i'm sorry.' Not 'Nasaan ka ba?' Dapat, 'Andito ako.' Not 'Bakit ganyan ka?' Dapat, 'I understand.' and not 'Sana ganito ka.' Dapat, 'Thanks kasi ganyan ka.'

289. Kung talagang para sa iyo ang isang tao, mawala man sya sa iyo ng mahabang panahon, magkikita pa rin kayo. Kapag tama na ang mali at pwede na ang hindi. Kayo talaga sa huli.

290. I ask God to bless you, guide you, keep you safe, give you peace, give you love and joy and cash everyday. Ok yon, di ba?

291. If someone hurts you, don't bother. If someone fools you, don't mind them. If someone breaks your heart, forget it. But remember, time doesn't heal the wounds, platelets do. =)

292. Every soul has a partner, yun yung tinatawag na soulmate. God given just for you.Do you want to know who he is? Sya yung taong pilit papasok sa buhay mo sa ayaw mo't sa gusto!

293. The finest part of a good person's life is the little unknown acts of kindness and love. We obtain happiness not because we do great things but because we do small things with great love.

294. We've greeted everyone a Merry Christmas but did you greet our savior Jesus Christ a happy birthday? Pass this to as many as you can. After sending this, there's no miracle. Will you do it for Him?

295. To die and part is a less evil; but to part and live, there, there is the torment. - George Lansdowne

296. There's nothing enigmatic about why we fall in love with the wrong people. It's caused by the hormonal imbalances and chemical reactions in our system. Science can now explain it. - Discovery Channel.

297. Three contractors were asked to quote for repair of the Whitehouse gate: American contractor: I'll charge $900, $500 for labor, $300 for materials and $100 for me. Mexican: I'll charge $700, $400 for labor, $200 for materials and $100 for me. Filipino: I'll charge $2700. Whitehouse employee: Why so expensive? Filipino: $1000 for me, $1000 for you and $700 for the Mexican to do the job. Whitehouse employee: Hired! When can you start?

298. Use EYE, KNEE, BEER, SEED in one sentence. Sirit na? EYE KNEE BEER SEED dat ay lab yu! - Sam Melbe. Hehehe.

299. Nagalit si Juan dahil puro Flor ang ipinangalan ng misis nya sa triplets nila. Juan: Paano mo ngayon tatawagin ang mga bata? Misis: Ang dali! First Flor, Second Flor, Third Flor!

300. Tanong: Sino ang pinakatangang babae na nabuhay sa sanlibutan? Sagot: Si Eba, nakita na nyang hubo't hubad si Adan, yung mansanas pa ang isinubo. Nyahaha!


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