Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Text Messages 451-480

451. Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and on some days you are the statue.

452. Think positive! Japanese archaeologist digging 100 meters down found copper wire, says, 'Very good, our great ancestors of 1000 years already had telephone!' Americans dug 200 meters and found optical cable, says, 'My God! This means our great forefathers already had broadband 2000 years ago!' Pinoy digs 500 meters and found nothing, says, 'Ang lupit ng mga ninuno natin! Wireless!'

453. I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer. - Jim Carrey.

454. Sunrise makes a morning beautiful but the word of God strengthens and makes our life more meaningful. Good morning!

455. A priest lost his parrot, asked during mass. Anyone got a bird? All men stood up. I mean, anyone seen a bird? All women stood up. I mean, anyone seen my bird? All nuns stood up!

456. Kung kuntento ka na sa taong mahal mo, maaayos mo itong letters na ito in 3 words. 'EYEMULTOEMPOC' Kapag hindi mo nasagot, means, hindi ka marunong magmahal. Buuin mo, wait ko ha! Note: Answer is YOU COMPLETE ME.

457. Sign over a bar... 'If you're drinking to forget, please pay in advance.'

458. Every sunset gives us one day less to live, but every sunrise gives us one day more to hope. Let us hope for the best today and always. Have a blessed day!

459. At muling nagbabalik ang inyong kaibigan na nambubulabog tuwing may load. Kumusta na kayo mga kapuso ko? Ito nga pala ang texter na kahit walang pera, mukha namang artista. Good morning!

460. Just for today, decide to be happy, to live with what is yours. If you can't have what you want, maybe you can like what you have. Just for today, decide to be kind. Be cheerful. Be agreeable. Be understanding. Be your best. Dress your best. Talk softly. Look for the bright side of things. Praise people instead of criticizing them. Just for today. Try it. After all, it's just for a day. Who knows you might like it and do it again tomorrow.

461. There are times we treat life like a mysterious door. It doesn't open no matter how hard we push it! We never notice that a huge sign is posted there that reads, PULL.

462. I've learned that when you plan to get even with someone, you're only letting that person continue to hurt you. I've learned that ignoring the facts do not change the facts. I've learned that the easiest way to grow as a person is to surround yourself with people smarter than you are. I've learned that no one is perfect until you fall in love with them. And I've learned that life is tough, but you can be tougher!

463. Grabe! Biruin mo, 15000 pesos daw, hot oil lang! 150000 pesos ang rebonding! Sobra naman yang David's Salon na yan! - Rapunzel.

464. Good morning! Simpleng salita, simpleng bati, pero para sa akin, malalim dahil sa simpleng salitang yun, nasabi kong naalala kita sa aking paggising.

465. Ilusyunada! Kahit kailan, hindi yan mangyayari dahil pangit ka. Panget, panget, panget! Panget ka! - Vangie Labalan, Bakekang.

466. Embrace a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to keep you warm all night and a prayer to protect you till the dawn comes. Good night!

467. Praying for you is my way of saying, 'You are dear to me.' I ask God to pour what's best for you and what will make you happy, today and everyday. Good morning!

468. Bakit ang tao, minsan nalilito? Minsan naliligaw? Saan ba sya dapat pumunta? Sa taong mahal nya, o sa taong mahal sya? Ikaw? Saan ka pupunta? Ako, sa kwarto. Matutulog na. Good night!

469. Some learnings in life: 1. Be kind to yourself. 2. Looking good is feeling good. 3. You are out not to please everybody. 4. Expect little, but do your best and dream big. 5. Smile a lot! It's healthy. 6. Laugh your heart out. Be silly once in a while. 7. Live light and keep it simple. 8. Failure is a good starting point. 9. You are blessed. Don't forget to say thanks. 10. Have faith. God answers our prayers.

470. Happiness is somewhere between too little and too much. May you have just enough wealth to meet your needs, enough poverty to learn to work hard, enough blessings to know that God loves you, enough problems so you don't forget Him. Enough happiness to keep you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong, enough hope to keep you happy, and enough sorrow to keep you human. =)

471. Noodle!! Noodle!! Noodle!! - Manny Pacquiao sa Deal or No Deal. =)

472. A salesman, tired of his job, gave it up to become a policeman. Several months later, a friend asked him how he liked his new role. 'Well,' he replied, 'the pay is good and the hours aren't bad, but what I like best is that the customer is always wrong.' :)

473. If you could be a part of my body, I'll let you be my heart! For I want you to be the one who beats and to be the center of all my emotions and be the last one to stop when im gone.

474. Love means trusting yourself with someone who has seen you at your worst and loves you in anyway. It means teasing each other and laughing at jokes nobody but only the two of you understands. It means feeling safe enough to talk about anything and having the patience to work out disagreements. It means counting on someone who sympathizes when you had a bad day, worries about you when you're gone too long and always welcomes you with open arms no matter what.

475. Definition of wife: Someone who'll stand by you through all the troubles which you wouldn't have had if you had stayed single.

476. At the moment you don't think much of it, we just don't recognize the most significant moment of our lives. Back then, you're gonna think there'll be other days, never realizing that was the only day.

477. Lord, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing, help me remember that Your love is always greater than my disappointments and Your plans for my life is always better than my dreams.

478. It is important to remember that you can never regain something you left in the past. Change your focus to the present and deal with the state of things as they are, instead of clinging to some memory of what you once had. Memories are nice, but that's all they are.

479. Nagbubungkal ng lupa si Juan para magtanim. Akala ni Pedro, niloloko sya dahil wala namang itinatanim. Pedro: Juan, tanga ka! Wala ka namang itinatanim ah! Juan: Mas tanga ka! Seedless ito!

480. God needs to know what you want not because He easily forgets. It's because he loves to feel the sweetness of your prayer. Good evening. God bless.


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