Sunday, October 5, 2008

Text Messages 91-120

91. Demonyo, dumating sa park. Pari: Sa kapangyarihan at paniniwala ko, umalis ka, demonyo! Alis! Demonyo: Wow! Parang sa kanya ang park! Ang yabang!!

92. There's no special reason kung bakit ako nagtetext. Gusto lang kitang abalahin, kasi, alam ko na busy ka. And hope to make you smile and say, 'Hehehe, si kukote talaga, papansin!'

93. Competence goes beyond words. It's the ability of the leader to say it, plan it and do it in such a way that others know that you know how, and know that they want to follow. - J. Maxwell.

94. With my 1 heart, 2 eyes, 5 liters of blood, 206 bones, 1.2 million red blood cells, 60 trillion DNA, I want you to know that... Gusto ko lang magyabang about anatomy! Hahaha!

95. If you’re facing trouble right now, don’t ask “why me?” Instead ask, “What do you want me to learn?”then trust God and keep on doing what is right. Don’t give up! Grow up!

96. Prayer of the romantically disfranchised delusional or merely hopeful: 'Lord, kung sya na, please let everything fall into place. Pero kung hindi sya, eh Lord, pwede bang sya na lang?' =)

97. Question: Why do Dracula's neighbors hate him? Answer: Because he is a pain in the neck!

98. Naranasan mo na bang maholdap sa San Pedro? Magulpi sa Binan? Maambush at tamaan ng ligaw na bala kapag fiesta sa Sta. Rosa? Mapatay sa bangko sa Cabuyao? Mamasaccre sa Calamba? Mabaril sa daan sa Los Banos? Mataga sa Calauan? Makuha ng puting van sa San Pablo? Tara, byahe tayo. Silipin natin ang ganda ng Laguna. Byahe na! Nyahaha!

99. By some mischief of fate, we might only truly fall in love once. You know that one great love old folks refer to. Many lovers may get into our lives but there is only one person with that one smile, one kiss, one hug and one moment, that our hearts will never replace. That person, usually but sadly, is the one that got away. That's why after all the chips are down, we know, we just know, we'll never fall in love that way again.

100. Pilitin mo man na alisin ako sa buhay mo, babalik at babalik ako! - libag.

101. Sometimes, you have to try not to care no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you.

102. Sometimes, when you love someone very much, you have to go thru every tear, every heartache, every pain. Because in the end, it's not how you suffered, but how much you loved!

103. This message is for selected people who made me smile, who became a part of my life and to those I will forever cherish like you. Thank you for being a friend.

104. I hate liquor and I hate men. To me, they are my enemies! But then again, God said, 'Love your enemies.' So, what can I do? Disobey God? Amen.

105. The best rehab center is the vag!na. Lahat ng pumasok, hard headed, brusko, bully at tigasin. Paglabas, nanlalata, nalalambot, humble, with no sign of vengeance! Hehehe.

106. Today, don't say any unkind words. Think of the people who can't speak. Don't complain about the food you eat, some have nothing. Don't complain about life, many die young. When you're tired of your job, think of the jobless, the disabled and those who wish they had yours. When sad thoughts seem to put you down, put a smile on your face, be positive and be thankful you're alive and still around. Life is a gift from God. Live it well. Good morning!

107. Question. Can love really last a lifetime? Answer: Scientist found out that romantic love involves chemical changes in the brain that last 12-18 months. After that, you and your partner are on your own. Love can absolutely last for a lifetime as desired to be maintained. Meaning, it's both your choice. Bottom line: It will last, if both of you wants to commit. Source: Reader's Digest, May 2006.

108. Jesus and Satan competed on the computer. They started typing. They did every known job, reports, e-mails, attachments and downloads. But before the time was up, lightning, thunder and rain, and brownout came! Satan cursed. Jesus just sighed. When electricity was back, Satan lost every single thing he had done. But Jesus started printing all his files. Satan shouted: You cheated! Jesus just smiled. He did what Satan didn't know: Jesus saves.

109. Always remember, life is never without a problem, never without difficulty, never without hurtful moments, but never without God to lean on! Good morning!

110. Ey, question. Uhhmm! Can you recommend a good bank where I can make a deposit? Because I'm planning to save all my love for you! Yun yun eh! Happy Valentine's Day!

111. What part of a man's body can turn stiff and really throbbing when in motion? Nirarayumang legs!

112. You're in my life for a reason, thus, I welcome you into my heart with open arms. Thanks for gift of your friendship. It's not how short or long you stay. The point is: you came! =)

113. Titiisin na sana kita, iiwasan at kakalimutan, kahit saglit, kahit mahirap, kakayanin, pipilitin. Pero balewala rin pala, hindi ko pala kaya. Kasi, naka-unlimited ako. Dapat, sinasamantala. =)

114. You are searching for things that don't exist - ends and beginnings. There are no such things. There are only middles. - Robert Frost.

115. I love mornings! It makes me think of the value of life, it asks me to live not on yesterday's sorrows nor tomorrow's dreams, but today's blessings! Good morning! Magandang umaga!

116. If you are continually being defeated by everything you face, your heart has departed from God. Examine your heart. Choose to listen to God, then obey what He tells you. No matter what you face, you will experience victory! God bless.

117. Police arrests a prostitute who protests: I am not selling sex! Cop: Then, what are you doing? Prostitute: I'm a saleswoman selling condoms and offering free demo!

118. Why are we friends? Dahil praning ako, praning ka rin. Baliw ako, baliw ka rin. Maloko ako, maloko ka rin. Cute ako, wala ng space.

119. Life can be happier and less stressful if we remember one simple thought: We can't have all that we desire but GOd will give us all that we deserve.

120. Love should never be a secret. If you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside, it will make you sick. - Spiderman.


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