Thursday, November 20, 2008

Text Messages 1171-1200

1171. Heavy rains remind me of challenges in life. Never ask for lighter rain, just a better umbrella. Good day, enjoy life!

1172. Sa lahat lahat at sa dinami-rami ng taong nakilala ko... isa ka dun! :)

1173. Who's talking? During courtship, man talks, woman listens. Once married, wife talks, husband listens. After some years, both husband and wife talk, neighbors listen.

1174. I have a special sleeping arrangements for you. Bed of trust, pillow of care, bed sheet of understanding, blanket of peace and dreams of love. Good night!

1175. Loving many people all at the same time is like eating candies with different flavors. It's fun because you get to taste all of them. But once you are done, and when they are all gone, can you tell which candy was the sweetest? Stop fooling around. Learn how to let things go. Know that you cannot have everything! Stick with someone who makes you happy. You only get to live once. Get rid of the other candies and do yourself a favor, stay with the one you love most.

1176. Mornings are wonderful blessings. Either stormy or shiny, they stand for hope and give us another start of what we call 'life'. Enjoy your day!

1177. I believe in signs, serendipity, destiny, love at first sight, soul mates, eternal love, etchetera… kaya ito, amp***tah! Single pa rin!

1178. It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. - Andre Gide.

1179. Filipino class. Guro: Juan, magbigay ng pangungusap na may tayutay (figure of speech). Juan: Ahem... 'Ang tatay ay nadapa... Tayu, tay!' =)

1180. God said, 'If you don't feel pain, how would you know I'm a healer? If you don't feel sad, how would you know I'm a comforter? Child, if life is perfect, would you still know me?'

1181. What's meant to be will always find a way and if ever you've found that way, do something to make it happen, never let it go. Kasi, hindi lahat ng meant to be, nagiging reality.

1182. Even if you do things the right way, some would still be unsatisfied. Some will not appreciate what you say and what you do, and there would always be people who would let you down too. But for as long as you speak honestly from the heart, you'll be fine. This is not a perfect world. This is not a perfect life. Life is almost always unfair. But life loves the person who dares to live it.

1183. Apo: Lola, paano kung isang araw, umulan ng bayag? Lola: Naku apo, kulimlim pa lang ay hubo na ako! Hahaha!

1184. Wise man said: Watch your thoughts for they become words. Choose your words for they become actions. Understand your actions for they become habits. Study your habits for they will become your character. Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny. Have a great life with a destiny of your choice!

1185. Boy: Mom, why am I black and you are white? Mom: Listen son, considering all the crazy things I did years ago, you should be thankful that you are not barking.

1186. Ama: Bakit ka umiiyak? Anak: Pumasa po kasi ako sa test. Huhuhu! Ama: Aba, magaling! Anong subject yun, anak? Anak: Pregnancy test po itay!

1187. If only I had the power to turn back time... if only i could read your mind... Wala lang! Astig di ba? Tapos, marunong pa raw akong lumipad! Yeah! =)

1188. Choose to see goodness in everything around you, and you'll soon appreciate your life more. Choose to see the good side of every event, thing, or person in your life, and you'll never run out of blessings to count. Let love embrace your life as God loves you. Good morning!

1189. We are who we are. People don't change. - Estelle, Great Expectations.

1190. It is not how you build your dreams that makes you different but how high your faith in God can climb. It's not how many goals you've reached but how many lives you've touched. Good morning!

1191. Alam mo, naikwento kita sa puntod ni lola. Sabi ko, ikaw yung pinakamabait kong katext. Aba, akalain mo, sumagot. Hayaan mo apo, dadalawin ko sya ngayong gabi!

1192. Holdaper: Wallet mo o pasasabugin ko ang ulo mo? Juan: Pareho lang yan! Holdaper: Anong pareho? Juan: Parehong walang laman! Ano? Wallet ko o pasasabugin mo ang ulo ko? Ikaw din, sayang ang bala mo. =)

1193. Riiiiinnnnnng! Riiiiiiiiiiinnnnng! Kris: Banker? Salamat!

1194. In love, never put yourself on a situation where you're not sure where you stand in a person's life. Never assume, never expect, so that if they choose to drop you, you have enough strength to move on.

1195. Kapag naloko ka, huwag kang iiyak. Kapag iniwan ka, huwag kang hahabol. Kapag sinaktan ka, huwag kang magmamakaawa. Instead, be proud and say, 'Yes! available na ako!'

1196. Misis: Hoy animal! Sino itong Baby na nagtetext? Mister: Ah eh, kumpare ko yan. Lalaki yan, Baby lang ang palayaw. Misis: O, eto, replyan mo! Hindi raw kayo tuloy at may regla daw sya!

1197. We are like pencils, the best part in us is inside, we make marks as we touch other's lives. when we make mistakes, we can erase and we become better as we are sharpened.

1198. Ang buhay, parang sandwich. Minsan masarap, minsan matamis. Pero kapag ang buhay mo ay walang lasa, isipin mo na lang, ham yan!

1199. It's really hard when you know inside your heart that you love the person but you run out of reasons to fight for what you feel and believe in.

1200. Lalaki, umuwi at nakita ang asawa na nakasexy lingerie. Wife: Itali mo ako, tapos, gawin mo ang nais mo. Itinali ng lalaki ang asawa, tapos, nag DOTA sya!


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