Monday, November 3, 2008

Text Messages 721-750

721. Ederlyn: Ikaw ba ang Inday na sinasabi nila? At sino ka para itulad sa akin ang iyong kasikatan ngayong ako'y nananahimik na? Wala kang karapatan para pantayan ako! Hayop ka! Inday: My apologies, but the fact is your glory days are over my friend. I find it somewhat ridiculous, your persistence on persuading people to come to your party that never existed is beginning to get into my nerves!Damn you Ederlyn! Damn you! No one undermines Inday's intellect, b*tch! *Evil laugh* - Nag-away na sina Ederlyn at Inday.

722. Minsan, tinanong ko sa sarili ko, bakit nakilala kita? Bakit nakasundo kita? Bakit naging kaibigan kita? Ngayon, alam ko na ang sagot, simple lang pala! Kasi, mabait ako!

723. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's learning to dance in the rain. It's singing in the car when you don't even know all the words. It's giving your heart to someone even if you are a little scared at first. It's about taking risk and making life worth living. Because every minute you waste is a minute you will never get back. Smile, laugh and be happy.

724. Si baby centipede, lumapit kay papa centipede. Bumulong, nahimatay si papa centipede. Ano kaya ang sinabi ng anak? Sagot: Pa, bilhan mo naman ako ng Havaianas!

725. Hindi ko na kayang mabigo sa love. Kaya kumuha ako ng taling matibay, itinali ko sa puno. Sabi ng mga kapitbahay, 'Huwag, mahal ka namin!' Sabi ko, 'Eh ano naman? Magsasampay lang ako, nakikialam kayo!'

726. Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? Or simply, can you be my friend for the rest of my life?

727. What if I were to describe love? Then I would describe it as what snowman did to snowwoman. He gave her a warm hug, and they both melted in each others' arms.

728. Love is a form of amnesia, during which a woman forgets that there are 1,222,978,173 other men in the world.

729. When things turn out bad and your strength is no longer enough to carry them, you must never give up, because when your strength ends, my worth as your friend begins.

730. Anong sabi ng tinga sa kulangot? 'Anong ginagawa mo dito?' Hehehe.

731. Words of wisdom: 'to do is to be..' - Socrates. 'to be is to do...' - Sartre. 'do be do be do' - Kamikazee. =)

732. Mr1: Whenever my wife needs money, she calls me 'handsome.' Mr2: Really? Mr1: Yes, 'Hand some money over!'

733. We know little about pain and regret, except that it is soluble in alcohol.

734. Bakit hindi pwedeng magsuot ng hairnet ang mga kalbo? Kasi, magmumukha silang microphone! Wahaha! Extreme! Extreme! Magic sing!

735. I love you friend! Not because you love me, not just because you deserve it. I love you not just for who you are. But, sshhh, basta! Love kita! Wala nang marami pang tanong!

736. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. - Michael Corleone,'The Godfather II'

737. Ano raw sinasabi ng ipis sa mga taong humahampas sa kanya ng tsinelas? Sirit na? 'Wow! Kung mamalo, parang anak mo ako ah!' (oo nga naman!)

738. To define a friend would be a hard thing to do cause I know I haven't been one to you. But naming a friend would be an easy thing to do because I know that I have found one in you.

739. Mr. Bean felt ill and joined a hospital. The doctor checked up and suggested to have a couple of days treatment. Treatment started and the attendant gave him a tablet. He started cutting the sides of the tablet. Attendant: Why are you cutting the sides of the tablet? Mr. Bean: To avoid side effects. :)

740. I admire those who have real beauties, a humble and kind heart that reflects on a pretty face that makes a woman more beautiful. Stay pretty! Coz, konti na lang tayo! Hehehe.

741. You should never look for someone to complete you. A relationship consists of two whole individuals. Look for someone complimentary, not supplementary. - Oprah Winfrey

742. Without friends, you are like a book that nobody bothers to pick. But as long as I'm here, you are not only best-selling, you'll always be my greatest collection!

743. Though we've been apart, our friendship is still very important to me. We may not be able to share the day-to-day things anymore, but we've shared memories that distance cannot erase.

744. Naalala ko nung nasa school ako, may nagtanong, 'Excuse me, favorite mo ba ang Geometry? Kasi, kahit anong angle, cute ka!' Asar! (^_~)

745. No words can tell how much I appreciate you... No words nga eh! Press ka pa ng press... No words nga! NO WORDS! No words mare! =)

746. People seldom say 'I love you' and when they do, it's either too late or the love is gone. But when I say 'I love you' it doesn't mean you have to stay, but I wish you'd never go away.

747. All of us have an ideal perfect person in mind, but we often end up with someone totally opposite, but still very much perfect for us.

748. BOY: Sir alam mo, kapag lumaki na ang anak mo, magaling ding driver. Sir: Paano mo naman nasabi ‘yon? BOY: E, sir, kamukha ng driver n’yo ang anak mo.

749. God hides from us the things that we are not yet ready to receive. That is why when we try to get it ourselves, we end up with the second best. Just pray and wait. Good evening!

750. While I was walking alone, something special happened, I can't believe what I saw.. Gems!... Yap! Ang tangkad pala nya noh? Kasama pa nya si Kres!


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