Friday, November 21, 2008

Text Messages 1201-1230

1201. Dakakaidis talaga. Bay sipod da damad ako. Barado da damad ilog ko. Bahirap da damad batulog. O, bakit gadyad ka bagsalita? Bay sipod ka did? =)

1202. The leaves of trees just keep falling. Lesson? You can't always keep someone to yourself forever. Sometimes, you have to let go. Yet, you have to remain standing like trees do.

1203. Ang puso, napapagod din, napapagod maghintay, napapagod magtiis, napapagod magmahal at napapagod ding masaktan. Pagod ka na ba? Pahinga ka muna, hindi naman kailangan na magdamag ang romansa, ‘di ba?

1204. When I look at the sun, I see you! When I look at the moon, I see you! When I look at the sea, I see you. Well, get out of my way!

1205. Chinese: My leaders are like Great Wall Of China, old but still as strong as the brick in the wall. Singaporean: My leaders are like the many high rise buildings in Singapore, they bring our nation to greatest heights. Filipino: My leaders are like Taal Volcano, they've been around for a long time, doing nothing.

1206. To girls from cupid: A man's heart is as fragile as a butterfly's wing. Never hold it too tightly for in time, he will rest right on the palm of your hands.

1207. Reporter: Your eminence, meron ho ba tayong pag-asa na Pinoy ang susunod na Santo Papa? Cardinal Rosales: Meron. Kapag Comelec natin ang magbibilang ng mga balota!

1208. Man asks pet shop owner how much is parrot on the left. '$50,000 because he knows how to work Windows and Office.' How much is parrot on the right? '$80,000 because he knows how to make and administer a website.' How about the parrot on the middle? '$100,000, I don't know what he does but the other parrots call him boss.'

1209. If you walk 1000 miles away from God, you will only need one step backward to get to Him because He always follows you wherever you go and loves you whatever you do.

1210. When something is over, it can never start again. When it’s broken, you can never out back the pieces…life is not the way you want it to be, when you know that someone is hurting you so much, just stop! We know that it hurts a lot, but you must learn to let go. Don’t’ push yourself too hard, ‘coz we all know that in every ending, there’s such a thing that we call…beginning.

1211. Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life, not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens. Good morning!

1212. Q: What’s the difference between bathing suits before and now? A: Before, you have to open the suit to see the butt. Now, you have to open the butt to see the suit!

1213. As the sky breaks into a beautiful sunrise, may God open the heaven to shower you lots of love, happiness and make your day a truly meaningful one. Good morning.

1214. Count the garden by the flowers, never by the leaves that fall. Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll. Count the money in your pocket, and then, hati tayo! Wow!

1215. Sabi nila, kapag hindi ka raw mahal ng isang tao, huwag mo raw ipagpilitan ang sarili mo sa kanya. Sabi ko, 'Ah, ok!' =)

1216. True love covers the eyes to see no wrong. True love darkens reason to consider every situation. True love loves more when it hurts much. True love is still true even to the point of letting go. =(

1217. Still bothered by what happened yesterday? Sit down and relax. Gather yourself. No matter how bad yesterday was, it now belongs to the past. Don't let it worry you or stop you from pursuing many possibilities of today. Today is a gift you can unwrap and share with all that's why it is called present. Keep going!

1218. Sometimes, you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful. But they are the only way to find out who you really are.

1219. Akala ko, ang pinakamasakit ay ang magmahal ng taong hindi ka mahal. Hindi pala. Mas masakit pala yung alam na nyang may pigsa ka sa pwet, hinampas pa nya. It hurts you know, it hurts!

1220. I never knew how it is to love until I found you. I never knew how much I loved you until I lost you.

1221. Kapag nadapa ka, kapag nahulog ka, kapag natisod ka, kapag sumemplang ka, isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun. Patanga-tanga ka! Pero andito ako, sa likod mo, pinipigil ang tawa.

1222. Love is a two way street, it can't survive with only one person's love no matter how strong that love is.

1223. Quotes from Smallville: 'You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.' 'Ironic: The one you loved the most is the one who can hurt you the most.'

1224. Sorry kung medyo maiksi lang ang text ko ngayon. Ang totoo nyan, gusto ko talaga na bigyan ka ng pansin kasi baka kapag maiksi lang yung text ko, isipin mo na hindi ka importante sa akin, kaya lang, wala akong magagawa, kailangang iksian ko na lang muna yung text ko sa iyo. Hayaan mo, kapag hindi na ako busy, itetext kita ng mahaba. Sorry talaga, hindi ko na nga naitanong sa iyo kung kumusta ng buhay buhay mo, di ba? Next time talaga, mahaba na ang text ko sa iyo, hindi ko tuloy maipaliwanag yung side ko, di ba? Kaasar talaga ako. Sana, maintindihan mo kung bakit maiksi lang ang text ko. Thanks. Good evening!

1225. Hey! I'm selling original Lacoste t-shirt for only 100 pesos! Kaya lang, yung buwaya, nangangagat ng nipples! But don't worry, dinidilaan nya muna! =)

1226. Minsan, sa dami ng problema, gusto kong umiyak at tumakbo sa malayong malayo, kaso... as usual, tinatamad ako.

1227. If you're not curious, it's a sign that you are stupid. - Dr. Frank Crane

1228. Army: I'm going to buy my wife a bra but I don't know the size. Saleslady: Don't worry sir, just touch my breast and try to estimate. Army: Oh, I forgot! She needs panty too!

1229. We must value each precious moments: Mornings bring hope, afternoons bring faith, evenings bring love and nights bring sex. Sana, palaging gabi na lang no?

1230. Amo: Inday, ilipat ang comforter sa kwarto. Inday: Saan ko ilalagay koya? Amo: Ipatong mo lang sa kama. After 10 minutes. Inday: Andun na po. Isinama ko na rin ang frenter at scanner.


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