Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Text Messages 751-780

751. You can cry all you want, you could always blame me. You said, it wasn't fair, that you just want life to be better. But remember, it's all your fault! You stabbed me with a knife! - Sibuyas.

752. When the time comes you feel emptiness, just sing this song... Boom tarat tarat! Boom tarat tarat! Tararat! Tararat! Boom! Boom! Boom!

753. Kapag iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo, sabihin mo... PASALUBONG!!

754. Sa buhay, hindi lahat nabibili o ibinibigay. May gusto tayo na hindi nakukuha, may pangarap na hindi naaabot, may hiling na hindi natutupad. Pero kuntento na ako. Bakit kamo? Kasi, P6.25 na lang ang Tide, pinalaki pa!

755. Kumusta na? Ask ko lang, meron ka bang alam na pampalaglag? Please textback ASAP. Kinakabahan kasi ako. Baka kasi buntis si muning! Dadami na naman ang pusa namin!

756. I used to think that when God gave us friends, He was very fair. Until the day you became my friend - that's when I knew I was getting more than my share. ;)

757. God never says, “do this!” “do that!” He never bullies us. Instead, He reaches out for your hand & lovingly says, “My child, I’m here. We will do this together.”

758. Ponder moment: The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth.

759. Jesus is like a software. He 'enters' your life, 'scans' your problems, 'edits' your tension, 'downloads' solutions, 'deletes' your worries and 'saves' you. God bless.

760. Life is so short for drama and petty problems; so kiss slowly, laugh insanely and forgive quickly. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

761. When trials come we tend to ask, LORD, WHY ME? But blessings pour on us each day and we never ask LORD, WHY ME? Let's learn to say, THANK GOD IT'S ME!

762. Seksing girl, naglalakad sa Ayala, nakalabas isang s*so. Napansin ng isang lalake. 'Miss, yung dede mo, nakalabas.' Sexy:'Ay P*tang Ina, Yung baby ko, naiwan sa taxi!'

763. Everyday, find out who you are, and be that. Decide what comes first, and do that. Discover your strengths, and use them. Learn not to compete with others, because no one else is in the contest of being you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and there's only one you in the world.

764. Next time you are troubled, remember: No matter how painful your decision is, as long as you can sleep well at night, it means that you made the right choice.

765. You might find it easy to fall in love with someone, the hard thing is how to keep that someone forever. But that is the challenge of love, fighting, without knowing how to win!

766. Misis: Hindi ko na kaya to! Araw-araw na lang tayong nag-aaway! Mabuti pa, umalis na ako sa bahay na to! Mister: Ako rin, sawang sawa na. Away dito, away doon! Mabuti pa siguro, sumama na ako sa iyo! Tara!

767. To love someone is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling. It should inspire you ang give you joy and strength, but sometimes the things that give you joy can also hurt you in the end.

768. Texter: Hi, can you be my textmate? Inday: It depends if you can abide my heavy schedule. You see, I get up at 5am to cook for my bosses, then do my chores till after suppertime. Only then can I reply but I would be very tired already so I guess I won't be of much use as a textmate. Galing talaga ni Inday!

769. The Law of Science: Nothing is displaced unless it is replaced. Translated into: The Law of Love: You'll fall out of love only if you fall for someone else.

770. A true friend is like the best book, sometimes, the cover may not be so elegant but the contents are like bars of gold that you can treasure for a lifetime. Take care!

771. What starts with an 'e', ends with an 'e' and usually contains only one letter? Answer: envelope.

772. Tatay: Anak, painumin mo ang kalabaw! Anak: Opo tay! Anak: Tay, ayaw uminom ng kalabaw eh! Tatay: Saan mo ba inilagay? Anak: Sa baso! Tatay: Sus! Katangang bata! Lagyan mo ng straw.

773. Normal is boring! Paranormal is shocking! Criminal is horrifying! Homosexual is bading! And now, the abnormal is reading!! Bawi ka sa iba. =)

774. The important element of closeness is communication, that's the reason why my fingers are still pressing the keys on my phone, because I don't want to cut the line that connects us. Good day!

775. Just because my eyes don't tear doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry. Just because I come out strong doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. Often, I choose to pretend I'm happy so I don't have to explain myself to people who'll never understand. Smiling has always been easier than explaining why I'm sad.

776. Pasosyal na Girl sa Busboy: Manong conductor, uhm…can you get my luggage please? Medyo heavy kasi s’ya eh. Kondoktor: San dito miss? Pasosyal Girl: Uhm…yun oh… iyong sako.

777. Someday, we'll be older. Someday, someone will love you more than life itself and someday, your whole life will be completely different except that I hope, someday, we'll still be what we are... Good friends!

778. Hindi ko alam kung anong papel ko sa buhay mo, sa pagkatao mo, o sa puso mo! Meron man o wala, gusto ko lang malaman mo, hindi ako papel, kokomban! kokombaaannn!!

779. Fan: Ano ka ba, boksingero at milyonaryo, sabungero, sugarol. Ngayon, politiko! Ano pang iba? Lahat na lang, pinasukan mo? Manny: Kaya nga Pacquiao ang pangalan ko!

780. Alam ko, namimiss mo na ako. Ayaw mo lang ipaalam, kaya ako na ang magtetext sa 'yo. You miss me!


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